Where it Works

Use Kleenhanz® At Home

After touching pets or while working in the garage or outside in the yard. Any time you touch money or bring in the mail. hands_whereKleenhanz® is especially good with children. Kids rarely wash their hands properly and they are touching all kinds of surfaces. Wipe them off frequently with Kleenhanz®.

Yes it is very safe (not intended for use around eyes), because Kleenhanz® is alcohol free it does not sting on open wounds and will not dry their skin. It is also a great surface wipe in the nursery or around the house.

In the Kitchen

After handling groceries, especially fresh produce (many people have picked up and handled produce before you choose it). Use Kleenhanz® before preparing a meal and as a surface wipe to clean counter tops.

In the Classroom

Kleenhanz® has been proven to reduce absenteeism in schools. Encourage students to use at least two wipes per day to reduce the spread of germs. The cost of a Kleenhanz® towelette out of a Kleenhanz® wall mounted dispenser is only pennies. The money you will save by keeping kids healthy and in class far outweighs the small cost of a few cents a day to help keep kids germ free.

Kleenhanz® is perfect before meals, after recess and at the beginning and end of each school day.

In the Locker Room and Gym

Kleenhanz® kills MRSA. This is a very dangerous bacteria and it is especially prevalent in locker rooms, fitness rooms and spas. Use Kleenhanz® to wipe down benches, weights, mats, seats, all surfaces that are touched by people and are carriers of germs, bacteria and virus. Using Kleenhanz® before and after you workout will reduce your chances of getting sick.

In the Car

Carry Kleenhanz® in your car for occasions when you are nowhere near a bathroom and can’t wash your hands. Customers tell us that our travel pack is perfect for use in the car and that many customers use Kleenhanz® more there than anywhere else. It is a great way to clean-up while on the go, before and after events or driving through a fast food restaurant. Travel packs are also convenient to carry in purses and pockets.

In Restaurants

Menus, table tops, chairs and restrooms are full of germs in public restaurants. Use Kleenhanz® on your hands or as a surface wipe to help reduce your exposure to germs, bacteria and virus in a public restaurant.

At Work

Shaking hands, making deliveries, telephones, keyboards, there are germs on everything we touch at work. Keep Kleenhanz® handy at your desk. You will be surprised at good it makes your hands feel after each use and you will be providing germ killing protection on your hands for over two hours.

In Medical Offices

More and more doctors are discovering the effectiveness and convenience of Kleenhanz® as a superior germ killer that is easier to use between patient exam rooms and so much easier on their hands than constant washing or alcohol based hand sanitizers. Kleenhanz® was not intended to replace surgical sanitizers, but for most other sanitary functions, Kleenhanz® is highly effective. If you visit a clinic or hospital you know there are elevated levels of germs, bacteria and virus inside. Use Kleenhanz® to reduce your exposure. Remember, Kleenhanz® kills MRSA!

In Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers

In an environment where illness can be dangerous, Kleenhanz® would be a wonderful addition to any facility for both staff and residents and would help promote good health. In addition, your residents will love the way Kleenhanz® leaves their skin soft and fresh.

In Day Care Centers

There couldn’t be a better place for Kleenhanz®. Kids come in contact with just about anything. Teachers and children should use Kleenhanz® several times a day to promote better health, and using Kleenhanz® as a surface wipe would reduce germs on toys and community property. Repeated use of Kleenhanz® will help keep your child germ free.

When you travel

Airports, planes, subways, trains, cruise ships, taxis, hotels, restaurants almost everywhere we go, we are surrounded by germs, bacteria and virus. Remember, it’s what we touch that puts us at the greatest risk for getting sick. Using Kleenhanz® consistently can improve your odds of staying healthy.

Unless you live totally isolated from the public, Kleenhanz® can help you reduce the number of germs, bacteria and virus you come in contact with. If you will make the effort to keep your hands germ free, your chances of getting sick will be reduced significantly.