N. Smith – Kleenhanz Customer

We have tried so many other brands of wipes over the last few years and there is always something wrong with them. I have asthma, so a strong scent or harsh chemical is impossible for me to have in the house. Also, there are several wipes that just don't clean well. Then we discovered your product and now have them on every counter (kitchen, bathrooms, and garage work table), as well as in my purse and my son's backpack! My daughter-in-law who researches every item that comes in contact with her children, also finds your wipes to be safe and effective for little hands, countertops, and road trips, of course!! We also use your alcohol free washcloths for a quick wipe down after exercising. Additionally, they have come in handy after surgery when I wasn't allowed to shower for a few days. Your company makes excellent products and I hope to find them in the stores for many years to come! Thank you for making our life cleaner and easier!! The Smiths

Ron Clary, Associate Superintendent – North East ISD

Having a Kleenhanz dispenser in every classroom, gymnasium, cafeteria and library has given us confidence that our staff and students are protected year round, especially going into flu season (not to mention H1N1!). I know our schools are better prepared by having Kleenhanz readily available for our students and staff to use.

Linda Ratner RN, CMPE – CEO/Impact Urgent Care

We began using Kleenhanz in our clinics approximately 6 months ago and have noticed our skin is not red, dry, and itchy anymore! It is safe enough for baby skin and we no longer have to deal with messy gel bottles that stain our walls and furniture. The towels are soft and dispense easily. Our patients love the product too. Even our UPS man takes a couple of towels every day. One for his hands and one to wipe down his steering wheel!