Kleenhanz® in Schools

During a pandemic, it is common to close schools and then sanitize, but of course the real problem exists when the students are in school…not when they are empty. The need to help prevent cross contamination is certainly at its highest this time of year, but the problem is year-round. Traditional gels and foams are meant to be used on hands that have already been cleaned, as they themselves cannot remove dirt and germs. As more and more schools search for effective alcohol free solutions due to toxicity and flammability concerns, we continue to find districts choosing Kleenhanz® as their alcohol free solution for cleaning, sanitizing and removing dirt and germs. The no-sting formula is certainly a bonus for elementary students.

With a 100% alcohol, paraben and latex free solution, Kleenhanz® allows you to clean, sanitize AND remove dirt and germs unlike gels and foams for the perfect “Handwashing On-the-Go” solution!

Kleenhanz® 500ct. Pail (KH0500C) – Container is ideal for classrooms, cafeterias, clinics, recess and all activities and has a convenient handle to carry almost anywhere you need Kleenhanz®. Container holds 500 towelettes and features a pull top that seals for freshness and safety.

Kleenhanz® Travel Canister (KH0030C) – Canister is perfect for Field Trip and First Aid kits.  Container allows for on-the-go use and houses 30 towelettes for light use. Canister also features Safety Seal on lid for guaranteed fresh product.

Kleenhanz® is available for purchase online from the following distributors: