Does Kleenhanz® work?

Yes! Not only is Kleenhanz® effective in killing germs, bacteria and virus on contact, it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. Here are actual quotes from Kleenhanz® users:

“I founded Oklahoma Sports Sciences and Orthopedics in 1995. The Kleenhanz® products have been very helpful in treating athletes and patients with knee and shoulder injuries! It is safe and very effective! It also promotes awareness to me and my staff of the importance of cleansing hands between patients! I highly recommend this product!”

Dr. Calvin Johnson, M.D., Oklahoma City, OK

“Over the past several years the incidence of severe bacterial infections has become prevalent in the athletic arena. The strength and conditioning environment is one where this problem can become epidemic. Kleenhanz® offers my staff and players an easy and efficient way to combat this problem and Kleenhanz® has become part of our daily routine.”

Lori Suggs, Owner, Cosmetic Laser Center, Wichita Falls, TX

“I have used Kleenhanz® in my office for over 18 months now where my nurse and I use it all the time. We love the fact that Kleenhanz® works so well without drying out our hands, especially in the winter months. I have also recommended Kleenhanz® to patients with Eczema and suggested that instead of scratching, they rub it on itchy skin areas. Kleenhanz® does not burn or sting and the mild detergents can be effective on the skin irritation. A father of one of my patients suggested this after seeing it work on his son.”

Dr. Victor Estrada, M.D., San Antonio, TX