How does the Kleenhanz® system differ from other products?

Alcohol based liquid hand sanitizers do not clean hands. The original liquid hand sanitizers were developed for healthcare where doctors and nurses washed and scrubbed their hands until they were clean and dry, and then they used a liquid hand sanitizer to kill any remaining germs. Today, people have the misconception that using a liquid hand sanitizer on dirty hands will somehow clean their hands or remove dirt and germs. Using a liquid hand sanitizer on dirty hands does not clean your hands, but only moves the dirt and grime around and reduces the effectiveness of the alcohol. The second the alcohol dries, its germ killing work is done and your hands are still dirty. Additionally, the drying caused by the alcohol can often “crack” the skin making you more susceptible to infections. When you wipe your hands with a Kleenhanz® towelette, the friction is cleaning your hands while the germ and bacteria killing compounds are working, and the dirt and germs are removed. Your hands will feel moisturized and will have continued germ killing protection after each use. Kleenhanz® can also be very effective on hand mediated functions like door handles, shopping carts, steering wheels, keyboards, restaurant menus and lots more.

The whole point of good hand hygiene is to make repeated efforts to clean your hands throughout the day, but repeated use of an alcohol based hand sanitizer is so harsh on hands that it discourages most people from frequent use. Kleenhanz® will clean and sanitize your hands, protect them for over two hours and leave them feeling soft and fresh. Use Kleenhanz® anywhere, anytime, all the time!